Hey Kam,

I hope you are having a great week! I have many great things to say about you and your organization, and I have said those things… but I wanted to take a minute and say some of those things to you 🙂 I once heard that having something nice to say but not saying it is like buying someone a gift but not giving it to them. So here goes…

In 2019 I was starting to improve the culture at my MSP, Cross Link Consulting. I met you at IT Nation ‘15 when you introduced your Bench for outsourced Helpdesk / NOC, and you personally followed up with phone calls, so I had familiarity and a high opinion of your organization. You all began some marketing for Build IT Live ’19 with attention to building culture, and I eagerly attended. I gleaned a great deal from the event but was especially influenced by Trevor Dierdorff’s presentation. I returned and immediately began implementing many of the practices that he outlined – huddles, ice-breaker thumb balls, Friday chill times (featuring Cross Link brewed beers), KUDOs for money, etc. We still do many of these things. Build IT Live 2019 was an impactful conference, to say the least. I lightly attended the online ’20 conference, but was all in for this year’s conference, arriving early and leaving the next day to ensure I absorbed as much as possible.

This year’s conference did not disappoint! The highlight that I’d like to share is Marcus and Declan. I read The Collaborative Way at the conference, and cornered Marcus and Declan because I was planning an “expo” for about 100 people with a single focus – improving company culture. Because of giant pain points that we went through in 2019 & 2020, I recognize and appreciate how IMPACTFUL the principles of TCW are. My statement to them was something like this; Because what you are teaching is desperately needed by so many organizations and will profoundly impact the lives of leadership, employee and customers, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to stretch and teach this to as many people as possible. Declan was able to go to bat for us, and he joined me for that expo a couple of weeks ago (10/28), and together we were able to impact about 80 people and organizations (my neighbors) in Augusta, GA.

In many ways, that win is also your win. The spirit with which you, Sonny, and the entire ITBD team give back to us has been obvious to me and many others in your conferences. Thank you! That is the same goal that I had when organizing this expo. And it was felt! We had IMPACT!

Thank you for the inspiration and leadership! This expo was a HEAVY lift, and we had a lot of great people lifting together, including Declan. And we created something impactful, and we will strive to keep that going and growing so that we have a greater and greater impact for good in service to our neighbors.